Online Mensware Shop is operated and owned by Man of that cloth LTD. A UK based company. Our Aim is to give every man on the planet the ability to look his best regardless of race, religion and financial status. We understand that when you look good , you feel good. We help men to maintain and develop their confidence with great clothing and accessories.

Our menswear are carefully selected to match high quality and low prices.Every day our agents scan suppliers from all over the globe looking for the best in men’s clothing. We ship to any country that can trade with the United Kingdom.Manofthatcloth started off as a simple side business to complement our custom tailor business. We have grown into a full menswear shop. Our experience in dressing men gives us a unique ability to select quality menswear.

Since our inception we have partnered with manufactures and suppliers from all over the globe to bring the you the finest men’s clothing. We always looking to welcome new manufacturers to our family. If you are a clothing manufacturer or distributor who would like to partner with us please send us an email at .

smart watches We stock a wide range of men's clothing accessories including but not limited to:
Men's Smart watches
Men's wallets
men's Hats
Men's Jewellery
Men's Sunglasses
Men's Gadgets
luxury watches for men
Men's Suspenders and Braces
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